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Frontline Medical Communications, Inc.
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The Custom Solutions Group at Frontline Medical Communications (FMC) creates exceptional opportunities for comprehensive communications and education programs-—bringing together content, clinicians, thought leaders, and patients via multichannel platforms across our portfolio in person, print, online, and on-demand. As content experts – with unrivaled HCP access and deep KOL relations – Frontline creates relevant, integrated, and compelling multichannel solutions that address your strategic brand imperatives. The valued content of Frontline’s indexed, peer-reviewed, and news-oriented brands (print and digital) provide optimal context for your targeted communications or educational campaign. Virtually all Multimedia formats (webcasts, videos, apps, microsites, digital editions and more) are available based on the requirements of the campaign.
Name Title Phone Email
Alan Imhoff President/CEO (973) 290-8216
Lee Schweizer Chief Digital Officer (973) 206-8982
JoAnn Wahl President, Custom Solutions (973) 206-8989
Karen Clemments Editor, CR; Editorial Director, Clinical Journals (973) 206-2347
Mary Jo Dales Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Director, Medical News (240) 221-2470
Mark Branca VP, Group Publisher, Society Partners (973) 290-8246
Mike Guire VP, Sales (973) 290-8224
Carol Nathan Custom Solutions (973) 206-8099
Wendy Raupers VP, Custom Solutions (551) 427-7140
Sharon Finch SVP, Group Publisher, Cutis, CosDerm (973) 206-8952
Dianne Reynolds Group Publisher, OBG Mgmt., Ob.Gyn. News (973) 206-8014
Monique Michowski Director, Business Development, CHEST Physician (973) 206-8015
Elizabeth Katz Publisher, Neurology Reviews (973) 206-2349
Sally Cioci Publisher, Derm. News, Ped. News, SCMS (973) 290-8215
Tracey Sears Publisher, Clin. Endo. News, Clin. Psych. News (551) 206-5369
Sharon Spector Publisher, Current Psychiatry (609) 265-1892
Phil Soufleris Group Publisher, Primary Care-Managed Mkts (732) 539-4294
Gina Bennicasa Associate Publisher, FPN, IMN, PB (917) 414-5038
Jodi Smith Associate Publisher, FPN, IMN, PB (856) 375-7419
Toni Haggerty Sr. Director, Bus. Dev., Neurology Reviews (973) 206-8979
Joshua Norton Assoc Dir, eBus Dev, ClinNeroNews, HemNew (512) 375-8202
Valerie Bednarz Natl Acct Mgr, CardNews/JHM/TheHosp/VS/VasCo/VEIT (973) 206-8954
Artie Krivopal Natl Acct Mgr, GI&HepNews, JHM, TheHospitalis (973) 290-8218
Lea Drag National Acct. Mgr., Federal Practitioner (973) 206-8958
Jeanne Gallione National Acct. Mgr., Rheum. News (908) 872-9399
Devin Gregorie Natl Acct. Mgr., Sarcoma/HOBRM/HemNews/IDPract (516) 381-8613
Geoff Watkins National Acct. Mgr., Jrl. of Fam. Prac., PB2 (973) 768-8645
Jim Brady Acct. Magr., Jrl of Clinical Outcomes Managemen (516) 382-7223